Who is martin lawrence dating now who is martin sheen dating

But it’s virtually impossible to get a deeper look into what happened. Martin Lawrence has quite a history of erratic behaviour.

He has been arrested several times, has a history of physical assaults, and alcohol abuse.

Both of them just stated that it was due to some differences that they had to part their ways.

Get the facts on Wallis and her relationship with Martin below.After word spread that the new couple has been "casually" seeing each other for the past few months, the actress, 26, and her new beau, 47, were recently spotted in New York City, holding hands, taking a stroll and engaging in some PDA, according to Word of the couple's new romance first sparked last month, when they were spotted leaving a Los Angeles restaurant together.In a move away from being extremely relatable, Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly started dating experimental director and noted scarf-wearer Darren Aronofsky.That is not something anyone would live with easily.But Shanicka was with him for 15 years and said “yes” when they were married in 2010.

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