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It's filling a gap in sex education for this age group, who can ask questions they don't feel comfortable asking their parents, teachers or friends. A volunteer from Sticky Rice Love, who will have received some basic training in sexual health matters, will promptly write a response.

The forum is moderated by two Hong Kong-licensed sex therapists, one of whom is also a Caritas Hong Kong social worker.

"I told her before the wedding: 'You found a man who cooks and cleans and dresses himself?

He must be gay.' I was right, of course." Lan Yueliang, who now runs an online support group for wives of gay men in China (called tongqi), was one of the speakers who shared stories at the first annual Rainbow China Forum in Hong Kong last month.

It is hoped that this ethnographic study helps to reframe our theoretical and political understanding of sexual values shaped by a profoundly quotidian source of meaning-making.

" This is a question written in Chinese posted on Sticky Rice Love, an online sex education platform for local youth.

The anonymous English-language letter warned Chen not to appear at any promotional events and threatened him with harm if he did, said Cable TV, which received the letter Wednesday afternoon.

The TV report Thursday did not say if the letter, which was mailed with a gold-coloured bullet, explicitly linked the threat with the sex photo scandal and did not specify the type of harm Chen could suffer if he ignored it.

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