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He suffered mental health problems, had been sectioned under The Mental Health Act after his arrest, and had not been taking his prescribed medication.

Judge Rowlands jailed him for 14 months after he admitted assault, occasioning actual bodily harm, and being in breach of a criminal behaviour order not to contact her.

Katie Rough was found with 'lacerations to her neck and chest' around a mile from her home in an affluent area of York last month.

Loved ones will say goodbye to her at a funeral at York Minster on Monday afternoon, with John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, who has been supporting the family through the tragedy, officiating.

From the inevitable ‘there is an entire burger stuck in your teeth’ moment to the brace fetishists who dig ‘a mouth full of custom engineering’, I’ve learnt a lot of valuable lessons about readapting to the dating game with, let’s say, limited oral capabilities.

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But on the morning of his trial Jones admitted that he had attacked her.We have dated 10 months and have lived together for 2 of those and its getting worse. He acts childish if I don't have sex with him. Selfish lovin, whether it's too rough, too plain, too noisy or too food-centric, is one-sided, and unfair.I thought that when I showed that this did not turn me on he would change some of his sex habits. I encourage people to experiment, and to compromise, but this is something you know you're not into, so he needs to cool it.He had left her with serious injuries and sadly he had convictions over the years for violence and disorder.The family of a seven-year-old schoolgirl found stabbed to death in a playing field have released a touching video tribute ahead of her funeral on Monday.

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