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The Bad Seeds frontman said he can no longer live in the seaside town as the memories are too painful.

“Grief and illness and tiredness feed off each other in a kind of feeding frenzy,” he told GQ.

Everyone here has just been so great, and that's in a way half the problem.

When I go out in Brighton these days, there's a sort of feeling that we're all in this together.

The pictures come after the family vowed to quit the UK after being consumed by grief following 15-year-old Arthur's fatal LSD-fuelled clifftop fall in July 2015.

Grieving: Nick Cave was pictured on a rare outing with his lookalike son Earl (right) and wife Susie Bick on London's Bond street on Saturday after the family vowed to move to LA following son Arthur's tragic death in 2015He said Brighton has been a wonderful place to be but 'the pain of the memories is too much'.

She just said, 'Look, go over and open that window up'.The couple lost their son Arthur after he fell from a cliff after taking LSD in July 2015.The 15-year-old suffered “unsurvivable head injuries” when he plunged 60 feet at Ovingdean Gap bypass near Brighton, East Sussex.Nick Cave has said a “feeding frenzy” of grief over the death of his son has forced him to move to the US.Cave, 59, is leaving his home in Brighton, which he shares with his wife Susie Bick, to start afresh in Los Angeles.

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