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Not only do men find women with regular features more appealing, but women partnered to men with symmetrical bodies report having more orgasms and those with symmetrical breasts are more fertile than those less evenly endowed. Or does this new computer program fail to take account of the little quirks and irregularities that constitute true beauty, not to mention the importance of good colouring or a twinkling eye?

For a 43-year-old woman who has refrained from having any ‘work’ done, I can’t help but admire what I see twinkling back at me in the mirror: flirty green eyes, Bambi-length natural lashes, peachy-cream skin and a cupid’s bow of a pout. But the moment I really started to question the validity of the computer’s approach was when I read the next verdict: my face is too long. They’d prefer I highlighted my physical failings instead: my fine hair, that wonky nose or that my ears wiggle when I laugh.

I don't like to cook but will cook for you if you show your affection to me.

Your baggage would not scare me if mine would not push you away either. We need to mutually and almost equally give up some of our comfort to achieve two people's harmony. I like that Rilke quote about how we need to live the questions of our lives and then one day we'll live the way into the answer.

Where is the best location to meet women, SF or Oakland?

And which ones are going to have some great bae’s to meet?

Your husband tells you you’re gorgeous; your mother that you should make more of an effort; and the face staring back at you in the mirror can go from beguiling to frightening depending on your mood — and the lighting.

Scientists have generated a computer program they claim can tell you exactly how beautiful you are, based on the symmetry of your face.

I started this group to meet other women and promote a vibrant lesbian community in the Bay Area. Come join in the fun and meet great women and have...

“A room full of queer people, and I feel like I’m fucking invisible.” I sat with my friend Michaela in the middle of a popular LGBTQ bar on a Friday night and noted the extent of our failure. I found several sporadically occurring parties in both San Francisco and the East Bay.

Our goal had seemed so simple at the beginning of the night: find out where women go to meet other women in San Francisco. Had I been on this same quest in June of 2014, I could have rolled in looking fly, not looking at Yelp once, and had this conversion: Me: Oh, hey. Despite any discrimination and hardship they may face, I saw that a few Castro bars had willingly sacrificed one entire weeknight purely to cater to queer women.

I also learned that, if you’re really dedicated to meeting people who fit the parameters of your sexual orientation, there were even parties in the East Bay, reachable if you have a DD or a car or money to take a Lyft.

If one of these parties happens to fall on a night when you’re in the mood to openly express your sexuality, you’re going to have a good time.

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