Cme phone time not updating

This file, placing your custom background image on the TFTP server, and selecting the new background on the phone.

See either the video or the written process below for details!

It is necessary to either have access to a SFTP server, or install one for this step.

You will be transferring files from the TFTP server directory running on the CUCM to the SFTP server.

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The background image choices that are displayed on a Cisco IP Phone come from the file that is copied from the TFTP server used by the IP Phone.I’m from Norway, hence the following example is valid for Norway.We turn our clocks one hour forward at the last Sunday in March, from to , effectively making the new time zone CEST (Central European Summer Time).The offset needs to be between -23 and 23, and to figure out which one you need, you can use Google (search for «time zone your country» or something).Now we have a synced clock, and a correct time zone.

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