Cisco vtp not updating

This is the best design because each person’s permission is not limited by the physical location. Fortunately your office only has 5 floors so you can finish this task in some hours :) But just imagine if your company was bigger with 100-floor office and some VLANs needed to be added every month!

Well, it will surely become a daunting task to add a new VLAN like this.

Suppose you are working in a medium company in a 5-floor office.

You assigned each floor to a switch for easy management and of course they can be assigned to different VLANs.

VTP helps you simplify management of the VLAN database across multiple switches.

VTP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol and is available on most of the Cisco switches. To answer this question, let’s discuss a real and popular network topology.

For example, your bosses can sit in any floor and still access Manage VLAN (VLAN 7).

VLANs can span across the whole network, or they can be configured to remain local.

Will there be an update on either switch, will SW1 wait for a Server advertisement or will something else happen all together? A few hours have passed, and we have had over 50 comments , ideas and theories.

I appreciate you taking the time to work through this. SW1, will see that its configuration revision number is lower than SW2, and even though SW2 is a “client” SW1 will use the updated information in the VTP advertisement from SW2 to update to its VLAN database, and get in “sync” with the rest of the VTP domain, including knowing about VLAN 999.

This cannot be set on clients only servers but will propagate down to VTP clients.

You could instead use switchport trunk allowed vlan #vlan under each interface to manually prune – this does give you much greater control.

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