Aj and cm punk dating in real life

Daniel Bryan (played by Bryan Danielson [yes, really]) is a vegan socialist wrestler who knows about a million ways to twist your elbow behind your neck and break your joints faster than Rep. Daniel Bryan swiftly became an emotionally abusive boyfriend to AJ, belittling her and putting her in harm's way repeatedly to further his own goals.

Aiken can open his mouth and break your will to live. And when I say he put AJ in harm's way, I mean literally, as in he set her up to get trampled by the 500-lb Big Show.

Point the first: Yes, we know that "wrasslin's fake". I know it's confusing because sometimes they play characters that have the same names as them, but I'm sure y'all can keep up.

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Welcome to the latest edition of "Love Between the Ropes", the occasional column that fills you in on the love lives of your favorite professional wrestlers--because we both know you care, even if you don't want to admit it.Del Rio reported was visiting the world famous theme park with his kids.The real question is how genuine is the whole relationship?Punk (AKA Phil Brooks) of course not only quit WWE a few years ago, but did so under very bad circumstances, with no indication the two sides have mended fences since.Johnson noted he was aware that Punk’s name might be chanted beforehand...

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