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On receiving the award, Martin Garrix said, “It feels unreal to have won. I’ve had an amazing year, with awesome shows and amazing fans — I’m so thankful for their support.

It just shows how dope the fan-base is.”This year, votes in the Top 100 DJs Poll exceeded one million for the first time ever, with dance music fans taking part from almost every country on the planet.

Thank you and the WHOLE entire @epicrecords TEAM from Radio, Sales, Marketing, legal etc. @wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation MORE CHUNE PON THEY-- HEAD TOPS!!

@tricerocbklyn you're the best product manager in the music business! Thank you all my music colleagues out there u know u r..

DJ Khaled’s star-studded hit “I’m the One” topped the Billboard Hot 100 (dated May 20), and nobody is more excited than DJ Khaled himself. The promo version of this album lacks Stereolab's "Les Yper-Sound" and has a few other notable track timing differences.The jewel case only has the front insert art without any booklet, and the back insert is a plain black and white tracklist with copyright information.The catalog number is identical to the retail copy.The CD itself is plain white, with minimal black text.

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